Metabolic measurements are standard when testing Human Performance. Most projects are dedicated to the estimation of energy expenditure before, during, and after exercise and eating. Measurements of resting metabolic rate, the thermic effect of feeding, exercise energy expenditure, VO2 max, ECG analysis, blood lactate and recovery oxygen uptake are routine.

Working directly with Dr. Christopher Scott, a small but dedicated group of undergraduate students have completed over 40 research projects in 9 years with about 20 students putting in the time and effort to publish in a peer reviewed scientific journal. The majority of these students elect to go to graduate school or find immediate employment, often in clinical settings.

Dr. Scott’s Human Performance Laboratory is an active one, contributing to the advancement of exercise physiology and a true leader in assessing the energy expenditure of strength, speed and power related activities. Motivated students are welcome to join in and take part!


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